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About Us


The King's Daughters Day School commits its resources and talents to innovative, quality approaches to child care, education and related family support.  The mission of The King's Daughters Day School is to provide children of working parents with developmentally appropriate educational programs in a nurturing environment in order to build a foundation for becoming responsible, productive members
of society.


As an accredited program, The King's Daughters Day School meets or exceeds standards applicable to specific age groups for classroom activities across a wide range of cognitive and developmental skills, teacher expertise and professional development, child to adult ratio, safety, nutrition, inclusiveness and nurturing in the classroom, interaction with children, communications with parents or guardians, and program administration.  Our self assessments and parent surveys are compiled with NAEYC officials’ site visit reports and evaluated in a blind study by a review panel.  This process was most recently completed in the summer of 2005 and is up for renewal in 2010.  Only 252 of the approximately 4,300 licensed child care centers in the State of New Jersey are NAEYC accredited. For further information


Our Philosophy and Goals

We believe that …
Each child is an individual, thus our programs are designed to develop their cognitive, language, literacy, socialization, physical, and problem solving skills in accordance to each child’s age and abilities. Our children learn through play and teacher guided activities that stretch their imaginations and skills to their highest levels.  We collaborate and partner with our parents in all aspects of their child’s development. 

We aim to provide each child an atmosphere of warmth and security.  Our nurturing environment promotes and stimulates each child’s curiosity and interest in learning.

Our curriculum is child-centered, focusing on developmentally appropriate practices.  We use the High Scope Educational Approach to guide teacher planning and our daily educational practices.  We recognize that learning is an ongoing process that occurs at various stages and at
different rates.