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Executive Director’s Message

We are very proud of our teaching staff.   The classroom quality assessment tool, the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS), was used to perform the biennial assessment of our classrooms.  I am proud to say that our scores were extraordinary.  The average score on the infant toddler scale for 4 of our classrooms was a -6.59-on a 7 point scale.  The baseline assessment of our four mobile infant/toddler classrooms in 2003 yielded an average score of 4.43 on the same 7-point scale.  Our six preschool classrooms were also assessed using the ECERS for preschool age children.  The classroom teams achieved an average score of 6.58 which is above the statewide average score of 5.03 for preschool programs in Abbott school districts, as noted in a 2007 research The Evaluation of Quality of NJ’s Abbott Classrooms 2007 conducted by The Early Learning Improvement Consortium.

The Day School engages an independent consultant to administer the ECERS-R, an internationally-recognized assessment method that measures classroom quality in the areas of:

  • Classroom space and furnishings
  • Personal care routines
  • Listening and talking
  • Class Activities
  • Interactions in the classroom
  • Program structure
  • Parent and staff relationships

Our school age program was registered as a 4H club, thanks to our mentor from Rutgers Cooperative Extension.  Our small organic garden plot doubled in size during the 2007 growing season.  The children planted radishes, peas, broccoli, and two different varieties of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and popping corn. They tended the garden daily and the produce was included for lunch or special snacks.  The most exciting phase of gardening was harvesting the corn in the fall and then popping it for snack.  Who would have thought that strawberry popping corn, which is used in the fall as door decoration, could be so delicious?

The school aged children created mosaic tiles during the summer program session.  With the guidance of our resident artist, the tiles were then applied to the planter in the front lobbies.  Now when visitors enter the building, they see a beautiful multi-colored tiled planter instead of the old dingy gray cement fixture that has been there for decades.

Our music program continued during 2007 for all our toddler and preschool age children.  Thanks to a special grant, the school age children had an opportunity to sing camp songs and play musical games with our developmental music specialist.   It was very interesting to discover the school age children’s lack of knowledge and experience in these areas.

We continue to receive and distribute gently used and new books.  Thanks to Girl Scout Troop 808, we’ve surpassed the 10,000 book milestone.  As part of their bronze badge award, the scouts collected and sorted over 3,500 books for our children.  We had so many books to distribute that we held a free book fair.  Books were organized by age appropriateness and reading level, and families had an opportunity to take as many books as they wanted.  We also created a reading nook on the lower level for families to sit and read together as another way to entice them to take books home.

Valeria Erdosi-Mehaffey
Executive Director