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Our curriculum is child-centered, focusing on developmentally appropriate practices (  We use the High Scope Educational Approach ( to guide teacher planning and our daily educational practices.  We recognize that learning is an ongoing process that occurs at various stages and at different rates.

We practice the High/Scope educational approach in all of our classrooms.  The High/Scope approach was developed in the 1960’s based on the work of Jean Piaget.  We use our knowledge of child development to create active learning activities for our children that are age appropriate.  We help our children become independent, responsible and confident learners.  They gain knowledge and skills in math, literacy and the creative arts, which they experience daily throughout the Daily Routine.

This is a sample of our daily activities; bits and pieces that occur in all classes at different times of the day.


Children arrive at The King’s Daughters Day School between 6:30 and 9:00 am.  Upon arrival, an adult signs in each child. Children are required to wash their hands in the main office after which they are presented to the nurse or staff assistant for the daily visual check.  At this time, parents escort children to their classroom and say their good-byes.


Pre-Session play - those arriving early have an opportunity for free play.  Free play allows the child to choose an activity and play either independently, or with friends.


Breakfast is served!

Breakfast is served each day between 8:30 and 9:00 am.  Nutrition is an important part of our program.
A good breakfast is fuels throughout the day.  108

Circle Time

This is the time of day when the children gather together as a whole group.  It may be for a story, a group discussion, a celebration, a movement and music experience or the sharing of play or work projects.  Circle or large group times provide opportunities for children to exchange information.  The children listen and talk with one another.  This is an important way to learn from one another.


Areas-Free Choice

Children get to choose from different play areas that are set up to teach new skills, improve communication, and develop coordination and problem solving.  Play areas include housekeeping, blocks, literacy, art, sand, water play, science, computers, math and a special area that changes throughout the year.



Time to go outside!

Outdoor play is an important part of any program.  The King’s Daughters Day School is lucky to have 3 screened in porches that service 10 classrooms.  This allows us the opportunity for outdoor play even in inclement weather.  In addition to the three outdoor porches we also have two well-equipped playgrounds.  Our playgrounds have four nontraditional play spaces; a music area, flower picking and butterfly gardens, and an organic vegetable garden.


Small Group Time

Small group time is when teachers meet with 5 - 9 children to work on particular skills, to do a project, or to discuss a particular topic. Small groups ensure that children receive individual attention based on the children’s needs and interests.82

104Time to eat!

After a full morning of activities the children have worked up quite an appetite.  Our kitchen staff takes great care to insure healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals each day. 

All meals are served family style and children are taught good hygiene, manners, how to set the table, proper use of utensils and clean up.  In addition, the staff emphasizes good nutrition in classroom activities such as cooking. The children are actively involved in planning and caring for our organic vegetable garden. The produce from our garden is used as a part of the children’s weekly cooking experience. 

SHHHHHHH We’re Napping!24

Each day the children have a rest period.  Many parents worry that their children will not sleep, as they do not take a rest at home.  Since children require nine hours of sleep per day for proper development and the day is packed with activities, the children are often eager for a quiet period.  For those children who do not sleep, quiet activities are provided.




Limited Free Choice

Most classes offer a short period of limited free play after the rest period to allow children to fully awaken at their own pace.



Small snacks are provided each afternoon including those prepared during the children’s Weekly Exploration of Cooking activity


Afternoon Activities

The day mirrors itself in the afternoon in shortened time periods.