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Frequently Asked Questions



How do you enroll your child?

It’s Easy...

You will be required to pay a registration fee of $35 and place a deposit of two weeks tuition before your child begins. When your child leaves our school the deposit will pay for his/ her last two weeks once we have been given two weeks notice.

Our fees are on a sliding scale, determined by family income and size. We need two consecutive pay stubs or a current W-2 form to determine individual family fees.

Tuition payments are made every Monday for the upcoming week, and are payable by check or cash. As a non-profit organization, we rely on timely tuition payments to run the Day School, and we have these tuition policies:

  1. If your tuition is overdue by more than one week your child will not be admitted.
  2. Arrangements for late payments must be made in advance with our business office assistant.
  3. Parents are responsible for payment regardless of their child’s attendance. (i.e. if your child is sick for several days, you are still required to pay for a full week.)

Are the teachers specifically trained to work with children?

All of our teachers have undergone intensive training in the High/Scope educational approach. All our full-time teaching staff will hold a Child Development Associate (CDA) degree or a more advanced degree in early childhood education.

Can my child take a vacation?

The Day School is closed for vacation two weeks a year; one week for Christmas and one week in Spring. If you wish to take vacation at any other time, you are required to pay full tuition for the weeks you will be gone. This will ensure your spot in the Day School.

We accept new applications throughout the year and keep a waiting list when needed. Names are taken from our waiting list on a first come, first serve basis. The King’s Daughters Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity.

Now that you have chosen The King’s Daughters Day School, it’s time for your first day of school!!

The First Day.. What can you expect?

Beginnings are both exciting and at times a little scarey. We find that this is true not only for the children but for the parents as well. To make the transition a little easier for parents and children, we encourage parents to spend time in the class with their children before the first full day. If this is not possible, we ask parents to spend one or two mornings in the program to make the transition easier. This adjustment period allows the child to feel safe in the classroom and often alleviates parents’ anxieties about the program. In addition to joining the class for the first few days, we ask parents to visit often. Parent participation adds strength to any program.

Some children, especially those attending school for the first time, may benefit from attending the program on shortened hours for several days until they can gradually become comfortable with a full day program.

Many children and parents are anxious during the first few days. Some children may get upset upon arrival or at the realization that their parents are not staying. The teachers and staff will aid you and your child. It is important that parents be supportive of their children and aid in the transition by spending time in the class, reassuring the child that they will return and saying good-bye. Your child may continue to be upset when you leave, but the teachers and staff will aid him/her in the transition by encouraging him/her to participate in group activities and re-focusing his/her attention. Some children may wish to bring something from home to comfort them in the first few days. Parents need to communicate with their teacher about their child’s object and how it can be of comfort.

Most children acclimate easily within the first few days and quickly become excited by our stimulating environment.

What will you need to bring with you?

The King’s Daughters Day School makes every effort to provide a stimulating, exciting and nurturing environment. We provide a range of activities and it is not necessary for your child to bring any toys to school. All your child will need are:

  • A crib size blanket
  • A crib size sheet or flat sheet
  • A complete change of clothes (including socks and underclothes) We suggest this for all children even those who are trained, as water play and outdoor activities are a part of the daily routine.